Monday, October 30, 2017

Put It Back

I'm going to show my age for a minute here. (I'm also going to give slightly embarrassing evidence of the fact that I've been living in the D/FW Metroplex for waaaaay too long.)

Many, many years ago they started trying to expand US 75 as it passed through north Dallas and its suburbs. And it was, charitable, an unholy mess. Also many years ago, The Bo and Jim show was on a radio station called Q102, which was actually quite popular until it was eaten by something larger. And during this time period, Bo and Jim created a little song for their show about all that horrible construction on US 75. It was called, I believe, "Put it back." (Maybe that was just the refrain, but I'm pretty sure it was the title as well.) And the major theme of the song, or at least the part that sticks in my head, was a plea to just quit trying to work on 75 and put it back, because the people in Fort Worth are laughing at us.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, I just found out this morning that TXDoT is planning to close off a big whopping section of US 75 between November 11 and November 13. That's basically a Saturday morning until early Monday morning, assuming everything stays on schedule. That's less than two weeks out, and they're not just talking about narrowing it down to one or two lanes; they're planning to shut down the whole thing, from Renner Rd in Richardson to 15th Street in Plano. Which... is going to be a nightmare.

So I'm suddenly wondering if Bo and Jim still have that old song, and if it's going to turn out to be as evergreen as I think it might be.

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