Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Music: More Zombies

Starting with a bit of Harry Belafonte:

Tom Petty:

...And some Alice Cooper:

True story: I was substitute teaching in Lawton, Oklahoma, during a particularly depressing episode of my brilliantly misspent youth. While we were in the cafeteria for lunch, I watched one of the other teachers accost one of the students, and tell him that he'd have to wear his Marilyn Manson shirt inside out - something about school policy and "occult images". I waited until they were finished, then asked the teacher if she really thought that was an "occult image". (It was just Marilyn Manson, being admittedly pale, and apparently doing an impression of Edvard Munch's The Scream.) She asked me if I somehow thought it wasn't. I just shrugged and explained that as far as I could tell, Marilyn Manson was using an updated version of the same schtick that Alice Cooper had used a generation before. She looked thoughtful.

The kid still had to wear his T-shirt inside out, though.

And now (again, because I like this song) the Hooters:

Leslie Hall:

Nelly McKay:

And, finally, No More Kings (a personal favorite):

"Now I speak with all the eloquence of livestock..."

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