Thursday, June 9, 2011

There used to be a system in place for that.

So, following the Big Local Music Festival (30 hours of overtime sandwiched between two full work weeks), a week of vacation (during which, among other things, I dug a hole through the foundation of my house and celebrated Firstborn's fifth birthday - not at the same time, obviously), and the transition from the old Windows XP computer to the new Windows 7 computer at work (talk about culture shock)... I'm changing offices.

My job hasn't changed, mind you. I've just moved from the middle of the Very Long Hallway to the far end of the Very Long Hallway. And, of course, I've spent most of yesterday and part of today sorting through the crap in my office, and moving anything that can't be thrown out.

The disruption to my schedule is pretty much complete. At least, it's as complete as it's going to get barring some sort of Apocalypse... which at this point I really shouldn't rule out.

So, instead of composing something thoughtful, I'm going to offer an amusing (at least to me) bit of filler. It's the trailer for a heartwarming family film. Some of you may remember it - it's called Shining:

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