Friday, May 21, 2010

You Want A What?

So we're sitting there, at a booth in the local Arby's, having lunch and discussing the various labors that have been given to us this week. The place was fairly empty when we arrived, but now it's filling up.

A pair of women walk past us, to take their place in line. The one in front is at least a decade older than the other; I'd guess them at forty-something and thirty-something, respectively. As they pass, the older one says - very distinctly, in what I can only describe as a White Trash Accent - "...Go and get us another baby. And it'll be our baby."

Then they were past the table, so we couldn't really hear what the other one replied. It was a very casual conversation, as if they were discussing a grocery list or something... Except, y'know, babies. Last I checked, the department store didn't actually sell those.

We all just sat there for a minute, looking at each other. I'm pretty sure we were all thinking some variation of the same thing: Is there any context besides kidnapping where that sentence makes sense?

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