Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where does my brain get this stuff?

I was dreaming about graduating last night. I don't know why; I haven't been in school for years, I'm not due to graduate from anything... hell, I'm not even due for a promotion. I don't even know what sort of graduation this was supposed to be: high school, college, grad school?

Whatever it was, it was wild. My roommates had wandered off with my beer. I was supposed to meet somebody (professor's husband, maybe?) just as my family was arriving. It was the whole family, too, so at one point I was trying to find someplace to put the baby while my fellow students got their party on. At another point I wandered past a fight; rather than stopping it, or fighting, I was pulling people out so that the two guys on one side were matched against two guys on the other side. There might have been a helicopter in there somewhere, too.

So what the hell is this about? I rarely dream of school, and when I do it's usually one of those dreams where it's Finals Week and I've forgotten to attend class or do any studying. Those dreams are usually triggered by me feeling unprepared for something in real life. This was random and vaguely celebratory. Maybe it was because we're finally getting past the busy season at work?

Or maybe I should credit the potato skins I had before I went to bed. No idea, really.

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