Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dennis Markuze: One More Experiment

Mr. Markuze, I'm not telling you what you believe. I'm asking, because I do not understand you. Everything I post about you is a guess, based on what you say and do.

If you don't want me to guess, then please tell me why you do what you do. It's a very simple question: What are you trying to accomplish? All these messages you leave are clearly very important, but what are they for?

Because I seriously don't get it.


  1. ...

    i sometimes wonder - if the won't answer simple questions like this, are they running a Poe? laughing at us for believing it? i certainly have a very hard time, imagining devout christians attempting to convert by these means. i know, for a fact, that it drives people the other way. and a real Christian would want to act in a Christian fashion, if that makes sense. [i cannot consider Rush or Beck or Hannity to be real, true Christians, whatever they say - they sow hate and fear and dispair, and act as no real Christian would...]

    it's definitely puzzling.

  2. It is very odd. But no, I think that Mr. Markuze is trying to create a particular effect - to present himself as mysterious, threatening, powerful... ominous might be the best word. If he just stopped and told us what he believes, and why he thinks we should believe it, it would spoil the persona.

    I suspect this is compounded by the fact that his beliefs are so odd - Nostradamus? Seriously? - that presenting them in a more ordinary fashion is just an invitation to ridicule. Of course, his current approach is, too - but it probably feels safer.


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