Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Blogging Challenge: Things I wish more books talked about

This is part of the weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge over at Long and Short Reviews.

I have one big, glaring one and I'm to write it out right now, and maybe if I think of something else I'll come back and add that later.

1. Women have periods. This is... this is one of those weird blind spots. It's one of those Things We Don't Talk About. At least, it is in my reading. And that's deeply weird to me, because we're talking about something perfectly normal that happens to better than half the population at some point, but... {{crickets chirping}} (Like, seriously: I think I've seen it referenced twice - once in a post-zombie-apocalypse comic, and once in the otherwise-completely-horrible movie Showgirls. Oh, and it's an actual plot element in Pitch Black.) But, I mean... We've reached the next stage of the Hunger Games. Does Katniss check the calendar to see if she needs to add some pads to her pack? Our heroine is scouting the Shadow Tower so she can report back to her friends before they enter its fearsome depths. Has she missed a period? Is she worried about it, or is this normal for her? Who the hell knows? I'm not saying it needs to be a major focus, but if you're going to have a go at realistic worldbuilding maybe consider that this is a normal thing that normally happens to normal people on a pretty regular basis? Because I feel like leaving those considerations completely "off screen" just contributes to an unnecessary and harmful taboo.

Late update: Nope, apparently that's it. That's my soapbox issue on this topic.


  1. Great answer! I can think of exactly one book I've read that has ever mentioned this. It's a blind spot for sure.

    My post.

  2. Funny, you aren't the first person to bring this up... and I've often thought about that during things like The Hunger Games. I mean, seriously. What are the odds that out of 12 girls, not even ONE would be on her period? Unless they had some kind of injection to stop it (like make it part of their tracker), but then that should be addressed. Hmmmm.....

    1. I'm actually kind of glad that it isn't just me.

  3. Thanks for coming by and GREAT answer. It reminds me of when nobody ever had to to the bathroom on TV.... when Archie flushes the toilet, it was a huge thing!

  4. True...we only read about it when she's missed it and she's pregnant. It is a good point. If we're going to add that into a story then one can add a fart here and there too. :) LOL! Just keeping it real. Just's life.

  5. I just commented on the blog before...I think it's no easier to find a book about your period now than it was a gazillion years ago when I needed to know something. Although...I do know there are a few books but I sure don't know if they are ebooks. Otherwise you'd have to get of the nerve to go to the desk and check them out. Sort of like having to carry tampons to the front of the store and put them on the counter to pay for them :)

  6. I mentioned this once in my debut novel and my editor was like "Blech! Take it out!" so I'm guessing that's why - but I agree, it should be in there more often.


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