Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Music: No Matter What Goes Right

Today, in the category of "Songs That Make Me Think Of my Beautiful Wife", I offer this one from Trout Fishing In America:

Ye gods, I can't believe we all got through yesterday. That was a very long day.


  1. Glad you made it through the other side. Life did have a 'test all the functions' kind of feeling to me. A relief to know I was not alone yesterday although, yeah, it did suck a bit in places.

    No pressure - just appreciation - I look forward to the next D&D adventure with First and Second child and Bestest Wife. The spell with the fire missle to take out the enemy is perhaps my favorite visual this far. Well, that and the glowing mushroom farm. Totally cool and made me do some research as to if my imagination was correct.

    Thanks for the adventure so far. Hope your week eases up a bit and becomes exactly what you need.


    1. I've missed the last couple of weeks; I'm hoping to resume Friday with the Cry For Help from the goblins. (I'm just going to cover the "time passed" as both in-game and real-life.) The start of school and various other things has really thrown us all off our stride - up to and including the part where I sacrificed one of the goblin miniatures to go to school with Firstborn and be part of his "about me" mixed-media memoir page for his language arts class. (I'll probably get it back. Probably.)

      If you're who I think you might be, and used to do some proofreading for me, would you drop me an email? All the old addresses still work.


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