Monday, February 13, 2017

Creek Walking and Moss Flinging

I have taken the boys and their grandfather down to the junction of two creeks, where we spent over an hour getting our feet wet, seeing what kind of objects float best, and practicing our moss-flinging skills. It's Texas, so the weather was perfect. The place is a bit more torn up than I remember (erosion and shifts in the soil have not been kind to the concrete), but it's still a good spot to splash around in. (In my youth, my friend and I used to ride our bicycles through here.)

When we came back from the creek, Firstborn and Granddaddy had hot chocolate. Secondborn, meanwhile, crawled into his grandfather's bathtub and stayed there for forty minutes. Still, it was a very successful outing: the boys loved it, everybody got some sunlight and exercise, and the shoes that I threw out afterwards were so old that they needed to be thrown out anyway.


  1. That looks like it was a very fun day. Do you think you'll be going back anytime soon?

    1. Weather shifted last night, so it may be too cold next weekend. The boys have certainly made enthusiastic noises about the prospect, though, so we'll definitely be going back.


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