Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's fear.

Guys, it's not hurt feelings. We're not sad or angry that "our" candidate didn't win. It's fear, and it's legitimate fear - fear that we've elected a man who's disastrously unprepared for the job, yes, but also fear that we've just elected the man who spent his entire campaign painting anyone who doesn't happen to be white, straight, Christian, and male as other-than, less-than, unwelcome, untrusted, guilty until proven innocent.

No, I don't think we're going to start rounding people up and putting them in camps come January; but we just elected the candidate who was openly, cheerfully endorsed by the KKK. An awful lot of people with an awful lot of ugly opinions are feeling like it's acceptable to say and do some really ugly things to their fellow citizens, because clearly that's what America wants.

Don't tell me not to worry.


  1. Definitely fear. Over the past two days, we've had as many sightings of anti-Semitic graffiti a few blocks from here, one of them on people's cars. Since housemate is Jewish, and I have Jewish ancestry, this is not exactly a reassuring development.


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