Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I hope I'm wrong

It looks, at this point, like I'm going to wake up tomorrow to find that Donald Trump will become our next president.

I hope I'm wrong about that.

But if I'm not, I hope I'm wrong about Donald Trump. I hope I'm wrong about what kind of president he will be. I hope, to be honest, that I'm wrong about what kind of man he is -- though he's certainly given enough evidence that there shouldn't be any doubt about that.

I hope he won't start trying to turn our alliances into some sort of protection racket.

I hope he won't start disassembling our trade agreements and destabilizing the international economy.

I hope he won't treat nuclear weapons as something to use on countries, peoples, or forces he doesn't like.

I hope he won't pass massively regressive legislation on women's issues, minority issues, safety net issues.

I hope he won't be appointing Supreme Court justices that want to turn back the cause of equality.

I hope he won't be rounding people up, and putting them in camps or deporting them.

I hope he won't tank the economy.

I hope he won't start shutting down our religious freedom.

Honestly, I kind of hope he's content to just strut around and act important, and leave the governing up to people who know what they're doing. I hope that he doesn't turn out to be the absolute disaster that I think he's going to be. I want so much to be wrong about this.

There are going to be some people who look at this and say, "Oh, you're just sore because your candidate lost." Or words to that effect. And... no. Just, no. I'm not sore, I'm not butthurt, I'm not even angry.

What I am right now... is terrified.


  1. I have all of those same concerns. It's scary.

  2. Do keep in mind that he can't do a lot of those things (like passing regressive laws) unaided. Unfortunately, it looks like Congress is largely composed of the sorts of people who'll help him do those awful things.


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