Tuesday, July 21, 2015

No sense of self-preservation

Trust my father to wander off and start reading the titles on the bookshelves in the zombie-infested haunted office. Yes, while the rest of us were looking for weapons and trying to figure out how to avoid being killed and eaten.

Yes, yes, of course I was dreaming.

I'm still irritated with him, though.


  1. Your father could have been looking for a book on how to make explosives... Just saying...

    Followed you over from Bruce's blog. He says you are good people. I look forward to discovering what he already knows. :)

    PS - looking for books to blow things up would totally be what I'd be doing in a Zombie attack. Really, you don't want me pointing and shooting. I'm rather good at hitting what I don't want to hit. ;P

  2. I dunno, if your aim is that bad, I'm not sure I want you lobbing bombs, either!

    (Kidding. I knew what you meant. Though I got to have lunch with my Dad yesterday, so I did get a chance to tell him how irritating it was when he wandered off like that, and how he wasn't allowed to do that anymore. He thought it was funny.)


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