Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Greetings to the Cenobitic Order Of Saint Bruce

No, I'm kidding; Bruce isn't a Saint. He's more of an Ohio State fan.

Since I see that a couple of people have wandered over from The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser, and in particular from this conversation, I thought I'd sort of wave and say hello.

I feel compelled to point out that this isn't really an atheist blog, as such. It's more of a whatever-comes-into-my-head blog. So, if you're looking for atheism-related posts, you should follow the atheism tag. Otherwise, my topics are all over the place.

If you're a Christian interested in talking about your beliefs, my beliefs, or the intersection of the two, I highly recommend that you take a stroll though the Friendly Evangelism posts -- but, hey, if you want to jump right into the comments here and start talking, go for it.

Whatever the case, welcome to the Blog o' Doom. I'm glad to have you here.


  1. Finally, a religion that I like. :)

  2. It's a very come-as-you-are sort of community.

  3. Heh ... just a quick note to say I'm here in the cheap seats (bleachers) to see the "game"

  4. At this point, I doubt there's going to be a "game" or even a conversation. Steve from the UK seems to have wandered off again (though I suppose he might just be resting up or something). I don't even know whether he's found his way over to this blog, or if he ever will.

    But, if he chooses to end the conversation, that's fine too. Even though he... what was the line? Ah, yes... "[writes] honestly and [chooses] to do so publicly," I don't think he's obligated to "publicly be prepared to defend [his] theological/philosophical position in certain areas." I'm curious about what he has to say, and if it's any more substantial than what he's offered so far; but if he chooses not to continue, it's no skin off my nose.


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