Monday, January 12, 2015

Science Fair Project, Part One

I am now attempting to coax Firstborn through writing out a description of his science experiment for his third grade science fair. So far, we're right on schedule: we started at "This is too long" and proceeded to "It's too hard!" and then "Don't you know I can't do this?!?!?!?" We've now finished the Wailing and Gnashing Of Teeth segment, the "Fine, if you're not going to finish it just go to bed. Now," episode, and the roar of "If you're not going to sleep then GET BACK OUT HERE AND FINISH YOUR PROJECT!" We're right on schedule for "Quit making this harder than it needs to be," so I expect we'll soon move on to "It's one sentence -- stop thinking about it, and just write it." If that goes well, I hope to wrap up right on time with the big, "My real parents wouldn't treat me like this!" finale.

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