Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Confidential File Transcript: Up On The Rooftops

Recorded conversation between agent Emma Ström and individual identified as Snowblossom Smith in Mexico City, on December 15, 2013 at approximately 20:00.

Agent Ström: "Are you here?"

Snowblossom Smith: "I'm here."

Ström: "I don't see you."

Smith: "I can't let you see me. Not right now. Also, please don't use my name."

Ström: "I understand. Why did you agree to meet with me?"

Smith: "I need help. Information. Does Interpol have a red notice on me?"

Ström: "Not yet, but we're getting a lot of pressure. What can you tell me about the disappearances?"

Smith: "Disappearances?"

Ström: "No games. We know you arrived in Belize last Tuesday. On Wednesday night, twenty-eight children disappeared. They were all under the age of twelve, and they were all in the same suburb - about three square blocks."

Smith: "...Were any children left behind?"

Ström: "About one in five. No apparent pattern."

Smith: "Dear God."

Ström: "What happened?"

Smith: [No response.]

Ström: "Tell me what you know. I can't help you if you don't-"

Smith: "He set the Krampus after me. I thought it was the reindeer, but they were just scouts. He sent the Krampus after me. I was gone. I heard the clicking on the rooftops again, and I left. And when the Krampus couldn't find me, it took the children instead."

Ström: "So the children..."

Smith: "You won't see them again. After all this time, the Krampus must have been starving."

Ström: "If you'll come with me..."

Smith: "I can't. I wouldn't last a day, no matter what you did to protect me."

Ström: "The more we know..."

Smith: "...Then find out what's happening up north. The Krampus hasn't been loosed in centuries. It's too dangerous, too hard to control. Why would he risk that? I'm just a renegade elf. I don't have the answers you need."

Ström: "You have more than I do. ...You can find me if you change your mind?"

Smith: "If I come up with anything solid enough to bring him down, you'll be the first to know."


  1. Wait, turning loose a child eating monster isn't enough to bring the old man down? What do they want, an engraved invitation?

  2. Evidence, of course. The word of a single elf, who won't even testify in person, isn't going to cut it, agent Rhoadan.


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