Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Typical Family Conversations

Me: "Firstborn, please don't take that in to Secondborn. We're trying to get him to go to sleep."

Firstborn: "But it will make him feel better."

Me: "Okay, fine. Go on in and give it to him, but be quick."

Firstborn: "Here you go, Secondborn."

Me: "Look, Secondborn. Firstborn brought you a facehugger. Doesn't that make you feel better?"

Firstborn: "You can play with it as much as you want."




...Every family has conversations like this, right?


  1. Every kid should have a facehugger cuddly toy.

  2. First I had to look up "facehugger."

    After which, I have two things to say--

    1: Ewwww.
    2: that's your boys!


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