Thursday, July 5, 2012

Proposal: No More Mid-Week Holidays

Having Independence Day on a Wednesday has completely weirded out my sense of time. (Most of my co-workers have, quite sensibly, used some vacation days to connect the holiday to a weekend; several have taken the whole week off, which also sounds appealing.) It really feels like this should be Sunday -- especially since we spent yesterday eating hot dogs and burgers, and swimming in the neighborhood pool. Well, and being part of an Independence Day parade. So, rather than trying to come up with any worthwhile writing for today, I'm going to work on finishing up Until the Rainbow for tomorrow.

Before I go, though, I'd like to propose a bit of Federal legislation. I call it the No More Mid-Week Holidays Act. This act would mandate that whenever a Federal holiday falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, all calendar producers would be required to re-number their calendars so that the offending holiday falls on a Monday or Friday instead. How would that work?

Well, this week the calendar looked like this:
July 1 (Sun) | July 2 (Mon) | July 3 (Tue) | July 4 (Wed) | July 5 (Thu) | July 6 (Fri) | July 7 (Sat)

Under my proposed system, it would look like this, instead:
July 1 (Sun) | July 2 (Mon) | July 3 (Tue) | July 5 (Wed) | July 6 (Thu) | July 4 (Fri) | July 7 (Sat)
Bam! Three-day weekend. Short, but uninterrupted work-week. My brain: substantially less confused. The balance of the Universe: safely restored.

Naturally, I'll be starting petitions and seeking Congressional sponsors immediately. Or, well, I would, if my brain didn't still think it should be Sunday.


  1. What about those of us on Sunday - Thursday schedules? Friday holidays are useless.

  2. In honor of you, I will reword the proposal to mandate that mid-week holidays must be moved to the nearest Monday. It will, of course, still interrupt your week, but at least you won't lose your day off. So:
    July 1 (Sun) | July 4 (Mon) | July 2 (Tue) | July 3 (Wed) | July 5 (Thu) | July 6 (Fri) | July 7 (Sat)

  3. It's got my vote.

    I spent all day at the office today convinced that it was Monday. And no week should have two Mondays in it.

  4. Well, July 4th isn't really the best example. Canada Day this year was already well suited to a three-day weekend in my book. (Rumour has it that Canadians who would've already had Sunday off got Monday as well. That may or may not help you with your plan, depending on how broad you're going to make it.)


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