Tuesday, November 1, 2011

True Parenting Conversations

This is what it's like to have me for a Dad. Before I explain, though, I have to offer some background, so:

Firstborn owns a pair of plastic statues of transformers. They don't move, and they don't transform. Originally, they were toppers on a birthday cake. Firstborn also owns a great number of Imaginext toys, including several from their Outer Space setting. The little Imaginext space-guys have helmets that fit down over their heads and shoulders. One of these wound up in the shower, somehow, with the Transformer statues. So, in a fit of whimsy, I stuck it on Bumblebee's head.

This led to the following conversation:
Firstborn: "Why does Bumblebee have a mask?"
Me: "So nobody will know that he's a ninja."
Firstborn: "Bumblebee isn't a ninja."
Me: "No?"
Firstborn: "He's a Transformer. He's not a ninja."
Me: "Then why does he have a mask?"
Firstborn. "I do not know."


  1. Bumblebee's a ninja. QED.

    This reminds me of something my brother said when he was really little: "Flies catch thieves." When asked why he thought that, he pointed to the song:

    "Spider-man, Spider-man,
    Does whatever a spider can,
    Spins a web any size,
    Catches thieves-- just like flies."

  2. Okay, that's completely hilarious.


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