Monday, November 21, 2011

Time Wasting Survey: Time Machine

It's pretty quiet, but I'm too tired to focus on writing anything actually useful. So I turn to you, gentle readers, for answers to the most important question of this century[1]:

What's the first thing you would do if you created a working time machine?

[1] Or any century, really.


  1. If it's a time-and-space machine, I'd go back and stop Ronald Reagan. Stop him at what? It doesn't matter. The acting, the governance, the beatification- they're all terrible.

    If it's just a time machine, I'd bring lighters, loaves of bread, and my scarcely mediocre knowledge of science. That oughta be good enough to blow some minds back in frontier times. People from the past are stupid.

  2. I'd want to go forward a hundred years or so, to see if we have solar-powered cities and orbital colonies, or whether we're roaming the wasteland in search of food and clean water.

  3. I'll gladly bet my time machine ride on the "wasteland" one. It would be fun to pull a Homer Simpson though. "I come from the future with a terrifying message of hope!"


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