Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Do List

Taken from the desk in the Mad Science Lab:
To Do:
1. Organize the workroom.
2. Get groceries.
3. Feed pets & clean their cages.
4. Update Netflix queue.
5. Release mutagenic retrovirus into the city's water supply.
6. Make dinner for family.
So there you go: a small window onto the everyday domestic life of your local researcher. And you called him mad...


  1. In this culturally sensitive time... you go and say something like this. How dare you, sir, I am supremely offended. No man should have to make dinner.

  2. Nonsense! This is the Mad Science Lab, after all. You must consider the possibility that it's an evil dinner... the kind that eats you. Man-eating broccoli! Exploding brussel sprouts! Mind-control tea! Parasitic crescent rolls! Reanimated chicken! Muwahahahahahaha... Ah. Excuse me.

  3. You said feed and clean pet cages. This reminds me that mine are driving me crazy! Does the mad scientist need any more?

  4. Sure! We can always use more raw materials... Did I say "raw materials"? I meant "more loving animal companions to enrich our lives".


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