Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas State Board of Education Repudiates Polynomials

The Texas State Board of Education (ironically among the least educated people in the state, which is saying something) is apparently preparing to remove polynomials from the curriculum. The Chairman of the Board, Brenda Cahill, had this to say:
"The Board has determined, after extensive study, that the study of polynomials is inappropriate curriculum for Texas schools. Do we really want, or need, to have our children learning about these sorts of things?" When asked what prompted the board's decision, Cahill replied: "I know you liberal media types are going to say we're prejudiced, but polynomials are a clear threat to traditional marriage. We do not want our children learning about them in school."
You heard it here first, folks.


  1. Dang. I was fully expecting the link to go to The Onion or some other high quality bastion of journalism.

    Better watch it, someone will pick up your post and run with it. Much as a 4 year old who hasn't been taught any better runs with a pair of scissors.

  2. This is clearly part of some sort of irrational number conspiracy.

  3. ::groans:: As long as the results aren't variable...


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