Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Well, this should be interesting...

You know that feeling you get when your boss asks your other boss if he's heard the news yet, and your other boss observes that there are big changes coming, but nobody can be arsed to tell you what's going on even though it's clearly going to involve rearranging the department?


And I'm pretty sure they've both been told not to talk about it to anyone who isn't in the loop already (i.e. me) because that might be bad for morale.

Update: I went and talked to the department head (basically just walked in and asked him "What is it my boss very carefully isn't telling me?") and I may have been wrong about the reasoning on this. He seems pretty nervous about how everything was going to shake out, so it's possible that he's just trying to hit the higher-ups one at a time so they can ask questions, lodge objections, and get their primal screams out in private. He may actually be worried that if he announces a bunch of sweeping changes all at once (even though we all pretty much know they're coming, and have known for several weeks now) he'll have half the department quit on the spot.

I still don't know what's going on, though.


  1. Good luck. I hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about at all.

  2. Barring some hugely unexpected developments, it won't be anything to worry about. (My job, unlike most, still offers retirement; so in that sense, as long as I make it through twenty-five years, I win.) But there's something I've been wanting (and pushing for) for a couple of years now - basically, to take one of the large applications that occupies a lot of my time, and move to working with/on that full time. If that doesn't happen now, I can safely assume it's never going to.

    1. Basically, I'm worried about what I'll be working on and whom I'll be working under, but I'm not worried about layoffs or anything like that.

  3. That's good to know. You're lucky to have such great job security and benefits!

  4. Huh. Department head is retiring. Weirdly, this means almost exactly the opposite of what I thought it would: nothing changes and nobody moves (and we're not starting any more big projects) until his replacement gets hired. So as far as the move I'd like to make, well... It's on hold (still) but not out of the question (yet).


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