Thursday, October 22, 2015

Secondborn prepares for Halloween

"Take a picture of me, Daddy!"


  1. Gosh, he's gotten so big!

    *Ahem* At the risk of seeming very uncool, may I ask what or who is he supposed to be? Or am I correct in my assessment that this is a bunch of random stuff he threw together and was very proud of, hence the need for a photograph? Either way, he's absolutely adorable.

  2. He didn't explain. It's a Wizard's Hat, a Superhero Cape, Darth Vader shirt, and the foam sword/lightsaber that he got at the renfaire a while back. I thin he's just supposed to be "all of it".

  3. This is the same child, I should add, who wants a Lego/laser tag/halloween costume/roller skating birthday party with roller coasters. And, actually, I may be forgetting one or two critical elements.

    1. It's genious! Or is that ingenious? Anyway, it sounds awesome!


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