Friday, January 3, 2014

What day is this again?

Owing to the way the holidays fell this year, I've spent the last two weeks on a very on-again-off-again schedule. Like, Weekend, day or two of work, day or two of holiday, day or two of work, weekend, day or two of work, holiday, day or two of work... Anyway. It's Friday now - at least, I'm pretty sure it is - but it feels like it ought to be another casual day.

Next week, barring any amusing new illnesses in our household, we ought to be back to a regular week of work.

I hope.

We'd better be, come to think of it. I'm supposed to be in training, and I'm going need the entire week for that.

Anyway, no idea what blog entries are going to look like for the next week or two. Usually when I think there's going to be a lull, I still end up posting. The times when the regular entries get interrupted mostly seem to come when I thought everything was going to be fine. If I can, I'd like to do those updates on The Hunter Prince, and maybe another Superhero Bar Stories or Notes From The Mad Science Lab.

We'll see.

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