Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amateur Escape Artist At Work

So we've driven to Houston for a wedding this weekend. (One of my wife's cousins is getting married.) We got in Friday night, and attended the rehearsal dinner. Then we came home and slept.

Despite getting quite a bit of sleep, I found myself completely worn out after lunch today. So I went into one of the rooms where we're staying, stretched out on the bed, and napped. And somewhere in there, the Beautiful Wife brought Secondborn in and put him in his pack'n'play for his nap. Secondborn hates napping, so naturally he screamed, a lot. And after a while he quit screaming, so I assumed that he was napping, too. (I wasn't actually in a position to check, as that would have required opening my eyes, and possibly rolling over.)

A while after that, the Beautiful Wife opened the door again and said, "I need you to move to another bed. I have to put Secondborn down for his nap."

I cracked an eyelid and said, "He's not in here?"

She said: "You didn't take him out?"

It turns out that Secondborn had, well, escaped. Not only had he gotten out of his pack'n'play, but he'd gone out into the main area and closed the door behind himself to cover his trail. So my wife thought that I'd taken the screaming child, plopped him outside the room for them to deal with, and gone back to sleep. I thought he'd quieted down because he was asleep.

And sure enough, when we put him back in the pack'n'play and asked him to show us how he could climb out, he did. He swung a leg up and hooked his ankle over the top of the wall. Then he used that to lever himself up until he was on top, and then he lowered himself back down on the outside.

Life as we know it is essentially over.


  1. Barbed wire at the top of the pack 'n' play, maybe?

  2. Haha! I used to love wiggling out of my highchair as a wee tyke…fortunately I liked wiggling back into it so I could rock it back and forth much to my minder's dismay. Maybe find something entertaining he can do in the pack'in'play so he wont want to escape?

  3. Heh. Maybe if we electrified the barbed wire... maybe... but even then, it might not work. The boy is clever, and determined.

    He's back home in his own pack'n'play, so the plushy Godzilla and the stuffed Mater (from Cars) are there to keep him occupied. And maybe force of habit will keep him in... we'll see. He quit making noise about an hour ago, and he's still in the room, but I'm afraid to open to door and find out exactly where he went to sleep in there.

  4. packn'play needs a lid!

  5. And yet, if I put him in a doggy crate, I'm the bad guy...

  6. You're right, you're doomed. Downhill from here. Teens up ahead.


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