Monday, December 26, 2011

Ninjas vs. zombies

Quick survey: ninjas versus zombies.

Who wins?



  1. Zombies.

    One-on-one ninjas would kick ass -- but "one zombie" is a contradiction in terms. One ninja, one thousand zombies -- fugghetaboutit.

    The ninjas would probably demonstrate that great martial art talent called "being elsewhere".

  2. I'll side with the Ninjas in general. The stealth expertise might not be very valuable, but the ability to get up high would be.

    Now, are we talking Ninjas in midevil Asia or are we talking Ninjas today? Ninjas today have access to guns. Guns plus not being on the ground equals dead zombies.

  3. I think the first commenter has the right idea. One-on-one, ninjas are great, but the great undead hordes would likely have inevitability on their side.

  4. Ninjas. They have, and use, brains, rather than mindlessly eating them.


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