Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reflections on Keeping a Weekly Journal

This is maybe not the best way to catalog my life. It works, I guess, and the guy who normally posts here - you know, the one who pretends like these entries are a work of fiction that he’s producing - makes a nice cover to keep the Watchers from noticing what I’m doing. But there’s really only one day a week that I’m in a position to occupy his journal, and sometimes that makes it a little hard to keep track of things. I know I’m leaving a lot out, though I suppose that most of those things aren’t really important.

Last week, for example, there was a conversation when we woke up. I didn’t include it then because I didn’t have time, but it went something like this:
Claire: “Morning.”
Me: “Morning.”
Claire: “Strange dreams.”
Me: “Mm. Me, too.”
Claire: “You were in this dream. We were knights on a quest, seeking hidden treasures in an ancient castle.”
Me: “I was flying, or floating, or something.”
Claire: “You couldn’t have been. You were busy assisting me with my quest.”
Me: “You sure I wasn’t rescuing you? That’s what knights are supposed to do.”
Claire: “Oh, yeah? What if I have to rescue you?”
Me: “You mean, like, mutual rescuing? I don’t think we can both rescue each other at the same time.”
Claire: “Youuuu...”
Then, when she was safely sidetracked, I kissed her.

We haven’t dreamed of that place since then - at least, I haven’t, and I haven’t seen or heard any indication that she has. If the pattern holds, we have another week or two before it happens again. I wish I knew what the pattern actually was. I’ve kept track of the dreams on a calendar, but they don’t match with anything obvious: set time spans, astronomical movements, changes in our daily routine.

I’m pretty sure that the urge to visit the crater-plain at the end of the valley was something Oracle gave me, but other than that I’m completely lost. The name that the Thing In The Well gave me led to a couple of references, but we’re talking a sentence apiece here. One of them claimed that the Yellow-Masked Messenger kept a palace there, and the other suggested that the Citadel was responsible for such life as there was in that place. Neither was cross-referenced to anything except the other.

But even that’s a clue. There are two or three things that “Yellow-Masked Messenger” might refer to - if it refers to anything we know, and if those possibilities are indeed distinct things. We may be the only ones who understand the true nature of reality, but there’s an awful lot we don’t know.

You may be wondering what I’m leaving out of this week’s entry, but really it isn’t much. We’re feeling healthier and better rested; work has been moderately insane, but nothing we can’t cope with; and we’re planning to attend church on Sunday, as we haven’t been since the last time I mentioned it here. I still have a ritual to look up and perform, as suggested by the Thing In The Well, but since I have no idea what it does or why I might need it, I haven’t been in too much of a hurry. It’s the sort of thing that I could as easily regret doing as neglecting.

All in all, this is a good week for playing catch-up; there just isn’t a lot going on.

Reflections of a Deranged Cultist is a work of fiction. No Great Old Ones were summoned in the making of this post.

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