Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Music List: accident - adventure

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, the idea is to pull up your I-pod (or equivalent) and list a dozen or so songs from your playlist. This is a quick and easy way to share one's musical taste, but it also allows commenters to make suggestions of their own. We're starting in the A's, so...

1. Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows
2. Accidentally Kelly Street - Frente!
3. Accidents Will Happen - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
4. Accountancy Shanty - Monty Python
5. Acid Rain - Austin Lounge Lizards
6. Acrobat - U2
7. Across The River - Peter Gabriel
8. Addicted - Kelly Clarkson
9. Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
10. Adonis - Laura Diamond
11. Advent - Jackopierce
12. Adventures in Failure - MC 900 Ft. Jesus

I'm not sure what this says about my musical taste, but there you go.

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